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Replacing electronic meters with second-generation meters in Trieste and Gorizia

Open your door to the new generation of meters

Project Description

In 2001, Italy was the first European country to introduce the current first-generation Smart Metering (1G) system. Large-scale use of the first smart metering system was introduced well before other EU countries, ensuring a high benefit/cost ratio.

It is in this context, and above all to ensure greater environmental benefits and involvement of the end Customer, that AcegasApsAmga S.p.A. will be replacing the old meters with the new generation 2G meters. The plan to modernise the electricity meter fleet will start in 2022, involving approximately 260,000 customers.

  • The new 2G Meter will not only be used to meter consumption but will also be an ally for millions of customers and their families that will help us to save in a conscious and intelligent manner.

    The new second-generation Smart Meter meter will revolutionise the way energy is used. New technologies and many state-of-the-art features will enable innovative home services and make it possible to obtain more accurate readings in more regularly. With the next generation meters, consumption is monitored in real time, and thanks to a greater awareness of how energy is used, these meters will ensure greater energy savings and environmental benefits.

    The design of the meter is innovative, with a display showing essential data to help the management of the electricity service.

  • AcegasApsAmga S.p.A. has drawn up its “Initial Start-Up Plan for the 2G Smart Metering System” according to the operational and legislative specifications established by the Energy Networks and Environment Regulator (ARERA) with resolutions 87/2016/R/eel and 306/2019/R/eel as amended.

    The plan for the replacement of low voltage electrical meters will start in 2022 and the area in which the electrical meters are to be replaced are 2 Municipalities: Trieste and Gorizia.

    The plan may be viewed in the Documents section.

  • The Start-Up Plan for the new meters was presented at a web public event on last 14 September, in compliance with the current anti-COVID-19 regulations.

  • The start-up plan for the 2G Smart Meter system (PMS2) and the brief outline of the start-up plan are now available in the Italian website section.

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